Hoping to Plant Trees in 2022?


by South Nation Conservation

After a record breaking 2021 planting season, with more than 230,000 trees in the ground across its 4,441 square kilometre watershed jurisdiction in Eastern Ontario, South Nation Conservation (SNC) is calling out to property owners to start planning for their spring 2022 tree planting projects!

SNC is currently booking site visits and accepting orders for locally sourced native trees and shrubs off ered at reduced rates through a variety of planting programs administered by the Conservation Authority.

Residents interested in small planting projects can order a minimum of 100 tree seedlings over the counter from SNC.

The Authority maintains a species list of in-stock trees on its website but notes that quantities are limited, and many species are already sold out. The price per seedling can be as low as $0.59 depending on the species.

Property owners with larger open areas of at least 1 acre can receive considerable cost savings by purchasing trees from SNC through Forest Ontario’s 50 Million Tree Program, which is funded by SNC and the Federal Government.

The program provides seedlings, planting, site preparation or tending for $0.26 per conifer seedling and $0.56 per hardwood seedling; making it incredibly affordable to reforest idle land.

SNC also offers subsidies for 1-acre tree plantings along farm fields and watercourses to help reduce erosion, protect water quality, and increase forest cover.

“Although we’re still experiencing hot summer weather, it’s important for landowners to start the process now to first determine if they are eligible for tree planting subsidies and
then get their free site visit booked for this fall,” said Caroline Goulet, SNC Forester.

“Of note this year, residents looking to plant less than 1,000 trees will be limited to one species to improve program efficiencies and increase tree survival rates. Exceptions would be made for agro-forestry plantings, such as maple orchards or nut groves.”

Since 1990, SNC has planted over 3.4 million trees across the local landscape thanks to municipal and community partnerships. Things are off to a good start as approximately
195,000 trees have already been reserved for spring 2022!

On average, since 1990, the Authority has planted 119,000 trees per year.

“We can all benefit from planting trees; they provide many benefits and services to people and the environment; and there are a variety of species suitable for every property,” added

For more information on ordering trees, planting programs, and subsidies, please visit www.nation.on.ca/land/forestry-services/tree-planting-services,

or call 1-877-984-2948.


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