Give someone a Christmas-Tree-To-Be!


Do you have a hard-to-buy-for nature lover on your Christmas or Holiday gift list this year? You can purchase seedlings from South Nation Conservation [SNC] and pick them up for planting in the spring. Although the snow is on the ground, it is not too late to order seedlings for this coming spring!

These seedlings are perfect for those landowners with small planting projects in mind. SNC has developed its “Over the Counter Tree Planting Program for Spring 2021.” These “Over the Counter” seedlings are best for people who are not eligible for the subsidies offered for larger planting and reforestation projects.

Seedlings start at 68 cents each, but must be ordered in bundles of 50. Even without reforestation subsidies, SNC can still provide a site visit, planting advice, and a consultation, free of charge with every order. Landowners are responsible for picking up the seedlings in the spring and planting them. This “Over the Counter” seedling program is perfect for people who want to plant 100 or more trees, but who aren’t eligible for grants or subsidies.

If a landowner has an acre or more of area for planting, there are considerable savings to be had by purchasing seedlings from SNC, through the 50 Million Tree Program. This is offered in partnership with Forests Ontario, though 50 Million Trees seedlings cost 25 cents each for a conifer, and 55 cents for a deciduous tree. The program also provides planting, site preparation, and tending the little trees with the purchase of the seedlings.

SNC also provides subsidies for tree plantings along farm fields and watercourses to help reduce erosion, protect water quality, and increase forest cover. Your Conservation Authority hopes to plant 200,000 trees across its watershed in Eastern Ontario in 2021. That would be the most trees ever planted by the SNC in a single year. That is quite the goal, but with already 180,000 trees reserved, it is an attainable goal!

Visit the SNC website to find out about all of their tree planting subsidies.


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