GIAG camp at Winchester PS


The group received a welcome invitation to come for a tour of the Winchester Fire Station. One of the activities was a demonstration of just how quickly firefighters can get their gear on. The firefighters in this photo managed to go from no gear to fully geared up in just 1 minute 45 seconds. Impressive!


There’s nothing quite like a surprise visit from the OPP to put smiles on children’s faces! We discovered that a police car can fit about 10 kids in the backseat at once, but not comfortably!

As usual, the ever‑popular Annual Staff vs Kids Water Balloon Fight ended in an embarrassing loss for the staff. In fact, the adults were so uncoordinated that the children were enjoying simply breaking open balloons filled with ice cold water and pouring it on their educators!

Four kindergarten friends enjoy homemade ice cream they created with just four simple ingredients. This activity was made possible by a generous donation of cream from Dan and Ashley Pettigrew at Winchester Foodland.


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