Funding approved for Hallville park


The Township of Hallville has announced that its funding application for the Community Park has been approved. The application was submitted to the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program – Community, Culture and Recreation Stream. These funds are to support community, culture and recreational projects that help deliver vital services for communities, foster greater social inclusion and improve the quality of life for residents across the province.

The Federal Government has contributed $1,091,477, the Provincial Government has contributed $909,473 and the Township of North Dundas will contribute $727,742 for a total project funding of $2,728,692.

“As the Mayor of the Township of North Dundas, I want to express thanks to both levels of government on behalf of the rest of Council, as well as the residents of North Dundas and especially those living in and around Hallville. The financial support provided by the Federal and Provincial government will allow this planned for and eagerly awaited Hallville Community Park project to break ground in the near future. My thanks to Ms. Meerburg and her staff for preparing the grant submission. Excellent work. Thanks to MPP McDonell for also being a champion of this project. This is an exciting day and once again, thank you to all for supporting this project,” said Mayor Tony Fraser.

The community park will be a multi-purpose park with play structures, picnic tables, paved bike and pedestrian paths, an outdoor rink, accessible swings and tables and a pavilion.
The community will be planning a public meeting for residents to discuss the details of the project and the development options.



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