Food Corner Recipes Publication Project


The North Dundas Times is pleased to announce the publication of The Food Corner Recipes for the enjoyment of its readers. This publication project honours the work done by the Beth Donovan Hospice;  all proceeds from the sale of the recipe book will go to that devoted team of community workers and supporters. 

When is a book not a book? When it’s digital, which means it’s on a USB or available through digital download. So, when you purchase the “book” you will be purchasing the entire series of recipes electronically. Gone are the tattered pages of your favourite recipe book and gone also is the increased cost of printing such a lengthy publication. You can read the recipe directly from your laptop or tablet or simply print out the single page. As of Thursday, October 12th, 2023, The Food Corner Recipe Book, in its USB flash drive, will be available at Salamanders of Kemptville and at the Beth Donovan Hospice boxed especially for the Festive Season. The digital download option is available by accessing the Beth Donovan Hospice store at

There is another advantage to the digital format. Paul Cormier will make any new recipes going into the North Dundas Times Food Corner available directly to anyone who ask, by contacting him at his email, always at the bottom of each recipe. All you will then need to do is save it to your USB or to your electronic file, so you have a work in progress, including the option of adding your own recipes. The format for the recipes is MS Word and not PDF, so you can play around with them as you wish (and maybe make them better).

The digital download option is particularly useful for folks who are out of town, since they can get the “Book” by uploading directly to their computer. You can also “gift” someone by simply purchasing the upload and sending it along to your favourite people. 

Because of the electronic format of The Food Corner Recipe Book, the price is a very reasonable $25 and there is no tax. We will, of course, trust the buyers to respect the need to support the Beth Donovan Hospice and not duplicate the information. The return to the Hospice organization will be $20 per USB or per digital upload. 

We at the North Dundas Times wish to thank those businesses for their ongoing support to such projects as the Food Corner Recipe Book, including B&H Grocers (Jim Beveridge), Grahame’s Bakery (Rick and Debbie Grahame) and the Kemptville Home Hardware (Blair Hamilton). They and their teams have been community supporters for many years and are the official sponsors of The Food Corner Recipe Book. You will find articles on these supporters in the introduction of the book. 

So, all you gourmet and gourmand chefs and cooks, come one, come all to The North Dundas Times Food Corner Recipe Book. It will be available as of October 12 on site at Salamanders of Kemptville and at the Beth Donovan Hospice location or by digital download by accessing the Beth Donovan Hospice store at


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