Federal, provincial and municipal funding partnership to upgrade local facilities


In December, the federal government announced the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program making $33-billion in funding available through bilateral agreements between Canada and each of the provinces and territories.

The funding is designed to help reduce air and water pollution, provide clean water, increase resilience to climate change and create a clean-growth economy, build strong, dynamic and inclusive communities, and ensure Canadian families have access to modern, reliable services that improve their quality of life.

This week, MP Eric Duncan and MPP Jim McDonell announced a combined total of more than $5.2 million through the program. The Char-Lan Recreation Center will be getting a new ice pad, and there will be renovations to the Glengarry Sports Palace. These are among six recreation projects in Cornwall and SD&G that will benefit from the funding. North Dundas received the largest sum of money (just over $1.9 million) for the development of Hallville Community Park.

There will also be upgrades to the Centre Charles-Emile-Claude in Cornwall and for South Stormont’s pavilions, including a couple of play units for the parks. Each of the municipalities has to cover a share of the project under the ICIP agreement.

Local Member of Parliament Eric Duncan said: “A key role for ourselves as federal and provincial representatives is to make sure we get our fair share of infrastructure projects approved for our local communities. It is great to see several local recreational projects and upgrades approved to get underway in the coming months. Without a doubt, they will all be well used by many residents in the years and decades to come.”

MPP Jim McDonnell said the Government of Ontario is investing over $2.3 million.


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