Dundas Dairy 4‑H Achievement Day

Photo Credit: Kyleigh Jampen

The Dundas 4‑H Achievement Day was held at the 131st South Mountain Fair on Saturday, August 21. Leaders Dave and Kelly Mathers, Brenda Velthuis and Dan Schuler were proud of their 4‑H group for fostering a supportive team atmosphere throughout the day and commented on the level of sportsmanship demonstrated by their group both in and out of the ring. The judge for the day was Lorne Briscoe.

Showmanship Results: 

Champion Showperson ‑ Taylor Mathers,
Reserve Champion Showperson ‑ Ericka Mathers
Honourable Mention Champion Showperson ‑ Chloe Hart

Novice Showmanship: 

  1. Ethan Velthuis, 
  2. Allison VanGilst

Junior Showmanship: 

  1. Ericka Mathers, 
  2. Makenna Raistrick

Intermediate Showmanship:

  1. Taylor Mathers,
  2. Alexandra Bloderer

Senior Showmanship: 

  1. Chloe Hart

Confirmation Results:

Champion Heifer ‑ Winright Sidekick Jade (Taylor Mathers); Reserve Champion Heifer ‑ Winright Lambda Ellen (Ericka Mathers); Honourable Mention Champion Heifer ‑ Payneside P Goofy (Emma Hess)

Spring Heifer Calf: 1. Winright Lambda Ellen, the entry of Ericka Mathers; 2. Annalea Victor Jeanie, the entry of Allison VanGilst

Winter Heifer Calf: 1. Winright Sidekick Jade, the entry of Taylor Mathers; 2. Vriesdale Illustrator L D VO P, the entry of Emily Velthuis

Fall Heifer Calf: 1. Payneside P Goofy, the entry of Emma Hess; 2. Bloderer Remi Rocketship, the entry of Alexandra Bloderer



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