Current COVID 19 Vaccine situation in the EOHU Region


The EOHU has received a limited supply of COVID 19 vaccines, which are being distributed in accordance with Ontario’s mandated vaccine roll out plan (see General Information on COVID 19 Vaccines).

As part of Phase 1 of the provincial roll out plan, the EOHU, in coordination with local EMS, is currently providing COVID 19 vaccination to the following groups:

Long Term Care Homes and High Risk Retirement Homes: started January 13, 2021.

Status: Underway.
Retirement Homes:
Status: Planning

List of long term care facilities and retirement homes in Stormont, Glengarry, and Dundas that have received the COVID 19 vaccine to date.

Long Term Care Facilities (residents, staff and essential caregivers):

Glen Stor Dun Lodge
Woodland Villa
Maxville Manor
Sandfield Place
St. Joseph’s Continuing Care Centre
Dundas Manor
The Palace
Parisien Manor

Retirements Homes (residents, staff and essential caregivers):

Chateau Glengarry
The Palace
Sandfield Place
Iakhihsohtha Lodge

Vaccine delivery is expected to accelerate over the coming months. As vaccine stock increases, vaccination will expand to more population groups. It is anticipated that by this fall (or sooner), anyone who wants a vaccine will have access to one. The EOHU will notify the public as the vaccine becomes available to different population groups.


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