Crooked Rubz: A new local business full of home-grown passion


A new food seasoning sheriff is in town, and it goes by the name of Crooked Rubz. The new and 100% local North Dundas business is all about BBQ and food seasonings. It was born from the passion that owners Brent and Falon Wallace have for BBQ, smoking meat, and cooking. 

“We were never really happy with the store bought rubs that were available, and started developing our own blends of spices to suit our tastes and cut down on the high salt and sugar content found in most rubs,” Falon explained. “That isn’t to say that there is no salt or sugar in our rubs, but we choose to use healthier products, such as Himalayan pink salt, and zero calorie sweetener as substitutes.”

The Crooked Rubz journey actually started in 2015. After cooking for family and friends, the Wallace couple quickly discovered that their taste for good seasonings is one shared by others. They were often asked for the recipes of their four main rubs, and started a small home-based business to sell their creations. When the couple got busy with life and with the operation of their other business – a successful Ottawa based company – they put Crooked Rubz on pause. Now, they are ready to start it up again, and are officially reopened as of this week!

“We built our forever home in the outskirts of Winchester and love the community,” Falon added. “Our intention is to support other local businesses with this endeavor as much as possible. Our merch and labels are from a local supplier, and we will purchase as much local product for the rubs as we can. This community is amazing at supporting local and we always do our part. We also plan to be involved in local events.”

Any new business can expect to face challenges, but the Wallace couple reports that so far, it has “just been fun”. They are glad to already have some returning customers from their initial run in 2015. “They still remember our rubs and are excited to be able to get them again,” said Falon. “It’s so exciting and rewarding!”

When asked, Falon struggled to recall where she and Brent got their passion for good BBQ and good food. “It certainly wasn’t in either of our upbringings,” she joked. “I think at some point you have a really good steak or a really good pulled pork or smoked ribs or smoked chicken thighs and you go WOW, I need to make this. We all deserve to eat good food and it doesn’t have to be super complicated. We love it when friends and family eat and have an amazing time.”

When asked about growth, Falon had more humour in store: “I don’t think we’ll ever compete with Club House,” she said. “But we don’t really want to. We plan to remain a home-based business for as long as we can. We want to be able to connect with our customers and share recipes and know what they are doing with our products, and hear what they would like to see next from Crooked Rubz.”

Currently, the Crooked Rubz product line is sold directly from the Wallace residence on Cloverdale Road.  The couple is working with some local merchants to get their product in stores as soon as possible. Those looking to support this new local business can place an order via the Crooked Rubz Facebook page, or by email at


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