Community comes together for Camp Day

Council members join Tim Hortons staff at the Pioneer location to aid in serving up customers on Camp Day.

There were nothing but positive things to say about the Tim Hortons Camp Day event on July 19. Both of Winchester’s Tim Hortons locations offered a unique experience in commemoration of the fundraising day which saw much success as usual. 

At what some locals call the “main” location – at the corner of County Roads 43 and 31 – a Winchester firetruck was parked prominently on display, and firefighters were on site helping to raise funds for the event. Those who stopped by could choose to have their car windows washed, or to throw a pie at their favourite firefighter’s face (or both!). Who doesn’t love to cover someone’s face in pie if it means raising money for a great cause?

At the Tim Hortons location within the Pioneer Gas Station building, four members of Council were on site, lending a helping hand serving customers under the watchful eye of trained staff, while other staff members greeted customers and explained the particulars of the fundraiser and festivities. 

Former Edmonton Oilers NHL player, Winchester-native Slater Koekkoek, joins the team at the Pioneer location to lend a hand.

Mayor Tony Fraser, Deputy Mayor Theresa Bergeron, and Councillors Gary Annable and John Lennox were on site, carefully learning the duties of making coffee and serving up donuts. Service was provided with a smile and a touch of entertainment and humour. 

There were prizes to be won as part of the fundraiser as well. For a ticket price of just $5, prizes such as gift cards, a tool set, gift baskets, and children’s bicycles were available to be won. 

Workers and customers at the Pioneer Gas Station location were in for an extra special treat when former NHL hockey player Slater Koekkoek showed up to lend yet another set of hands for serving up coffee. Slater is Winchester born and raised, and boasts years of experience as an NHL player including, most recently, playing for the Edmonton Oilers. 

Vincent Leblanc joyfully launches a pie into the face of the local Tim Hortons franchise owner.

Tim Hortons Camp Day is a tradition going back over 30 years. For one day each year, 100% of the proceeds from hot and iced coffee are donated to Tim Hortons Foundation Camps. Last year alone, the initiative raised over $12 million to help underserved youth attend summer camps. 

On each camp day, boxes are set up for cash donations, camp leadership badges are available to be purchased (with funds going toward the Foundation Camps), and other fundraisers – such as the fire department activities, and the prize raffles – help add to the efforts as well. 

Donations to the initiative can be made year round at


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