Christmas 2020


by Laurie Hicks

For the night before Christmas it was awfully dead,
Nothing to do so we’d just gone to bed.
The stockings were hung, of course they were clean,
Nobody wanted to risk Covid-19.

The children were nestled 2 meters apart,
Hoping Santa would get a head start.
The adults were a little bit down in the dump,
For once their woes weren’t caused by Trump.

Christmas is almost here, would you believe?
How we’ll celebrate I can’t conceive.
This year the yule will be far from the norm,
Since corona virus took us by storm.

It’s impossible to feel festively merry,
When the news is all so morbid and scary.
And my jolly bells can’t possibly jingle,
If we’re not allowed to mix and mingle.
No carolling, that takes a crowd,
And larger gatherings aren’t allowed.

No Stitch party to give the things that we made ,
There wasn’t even a Santa parade.
The symphony’s quiet there’s no Christmas shows,
When they’ll resume, nobody knows.
The Nutcracker Suite won’t be danced,
Contamination just can’t be chanced.

No hugs of greeting to those you know,
No kissing ‘neath the mistletoe.
And there’s always the threat of quarantine,
Please Lord, we need a good vaccine!
But somehow this Christmas must occur,
I’m sure that everyone would concur,
That Santa, your duties can’t be neglected,
Unless you’ve somehow got infected.

But Santa I know that you’ll be wise,
And before you touch, you’ll hand sanitize.
Don’t come in if you have a sniffle or wheeze,
And cover your mouth if you cough or sneeze.
And I know that you’ll keep social distance,
It seems to help with germ resistance.

But there’s one more thing I need to ask,
Santa, please just wear a mask.
We don’t know when this will be finished,
But Christmas should not be diminished.
We must find a way to keep traditions,
Though these are very tough conditions.

So fill the stockings, especially mine,
With all the things you bought online.
Thanks so much, Santa dear,
We’ll see you in another year.
As for friends and family,
We send you hugs virtually.
Our warmest thoughts could fill a room,
Even though they’re sent on email or Zoom!


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