Claude’s Gardening and Landscaping Forum

I was recently asked why plants that are brought in for the winter often shed some or all of their leaves.  The spider plant that...

Claude’s Gardening & Landscaping Forum

Dear Claude, Dealing with a bumpy lawn. We have a well-established lawn (20 Years) on a clay soil. The lot is about 12,500sq feet (minus...

What would Mother Nature do?

by Rachel Gill  Here's a scary story to tell around the campfire this summer: Almost half of the world’s fertile soil has disappeared in the...

Sunflowers competition winner

Our competition to see who could grow the tallest sunflower has been won by Christine Nigelsky of Richardson Road. Christine had to use a ladder...

Sustainability – Gypsy Moth invasion exacerbated by climate change

Anyone who pays any attention to trees at all has noticed the destruction caused by the gypsy moth. This is year three of a particularly...

Birds eat bugs

Not all birds eat seeds. People love to put up bird feeders, and fill them with seeds, but there are many birds that would...

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