Byers Funeral Home celebrates 30 years in business


Byers Funeral Home in South Mountain has reached the significant milestone of 30 years in business! A well-attended celebration took place on April 13 to mark the occasion for the family run business. 

When asked how it feels to be celebrating 30 years, funeral director Victoria Byers answered: “It feels like quite an accomplishment to reach 30 years in business, such a milestone. I’m very fortunate to have been supported by my community over the last three decades. The time does feel like it’s flown by, it’s been challenging at times but very rewarding.”

Being a family run business makes everything more special. “Our business has been family run since the beginning,” said Victoria. “We pride ourselves on providing a personal touch to each family that entrusts us with their loved ones. Our business provides a very unique experience for our customers, because we believe each family is like our own family.”

Victoria prides herself in the funeral home’s work. “The most rewarding thing about being a funeral director is that I get to provide comfort and support during people’s most challenging, and sometimes devastating times,” she said. “It’s rewarding to know that I can help people navigate their grief and assist them in finding their closure. The most challenging part of my job is that the community I serve is a community of my friends and neighbours, which brings my own sense of grief to many of my files. At times, I have also had to assist my own family members.”

Victoria was also eager to share her attachment to her town. “South Mountain is a great community to do business in because everyone supports one another and it’s a community of kind, generous and hard working individuals,” she explained. “I’m proud to not only have grown my business here, but also to have raised my family here.”

As the business continues to thrive, Victoria expects to continue serving the community, noting that there has been a change in trends in the funeral business toward celebrations of life. “We would love to be able to expand our chapel to provide increased reception services for our families in the future and as their needs grow,” she added. “Furthermore, as our society evolves, we would love to expand our electronic abilities to provide increased accessibility for families to participate in a variety of services.”

The turnout for the celebration on April 13 was truly heartwarming. “We were very humbled and appreciative of the support the community provided for our 30th anniversary,” emphasized Victoria. “We look forward to continuing to serve.”


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