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Good day faithful readers,

I hope that everyone is well and taking good care of themselves and those around them. April left us with a rather windy, stinging blow, thus ensuring that the first day of the new month of May arrived in a cold flourish and a covering of snow! Despite this, the birds have adapted and are busy doing their Spring mating,- regardless.

A pair of Cardinals that I observed in the front garden were showing their affection in a different way. They actually looked like they were kissing, as part of the male ritual of feeding seed to his mate. Another thing that he also does, at this time, is change the tune of his singing. If you listen to one singing now, you will notice the real intenseness of it and the constant changes that occur in its pitch and cadence.

Other birds that are having to adapt very quickly, weather-wise on their return to us, are the smallest ones, the Ruby Throated Hummingbirds and the House Wrens. We have both in our garden, so the sugar water supply has to be kept replenished to help the Hummingbird, in this respect. The Wren is singing his heart out for hours at a time, from early dawn to dusk, as he tries to lure a mate to come and view any potential nesting place he might have picked out. Of course, it will have to meet her approval before the home making can start, but, he is very patient and persevering in this quest,–not at all like us!

Enjoy all your “resident” and “returning” birds and the other creatures that inhabit your gardens. They are there for you all to see and enjoy and, best of all, they are free, in more ways than one!

Stay safe and well and keep on smiling.

John Baldwin


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