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Has Winter Gone Yet?

April departed from us with a rather wet and windy, stinging blow,
Ensuring that the first day of May arrived in a cold flourish and a covering of snow!
What a surprise, for us, and many of the birds, who have already come back, to their summer retreat.
How do they cope with the sudden cold, and the harder finding of something to eat?
Hopefully, there are still left showing some of the fresh growing new shoots,
On the trees and the plants, which are already established and are not planting new roots.
As well, there are those of us, who, being bird lovers, keep seed in our feeders,
And that, probably, includes many of you North Grenville Times readers.
So all is not lost for all of our fine feathered friends,
Who struggle on to survive, the strange weather and its wintry trends.
What they cannot find on their own, to make them contented,
If we have done our jobs right, then their food supply will be sufficiently supplemented.
Then they can happily carry on with their lives like the rest,
And get back to doing what they came here for,- to mate and to nest.
So what is the question that we all the correct answer want to get?
Although, the sun is shining now, has the Winter gone yet!?

John Baldwin


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