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When are bird nesting boxes not? -When a nesting red squirrel takes over!

Good Day dear readers,

I hope you are all fit and well and taking care of yourselves and those around you. Today I had a special treat, and a pleasant change from the usual bird activity, when I espied some action coming from the direction of my large nesting house. This activity wasn’t from what you would normally expect to see in the form of birds, but from a Red Squirrel, who was relocating his/her four youngsters, from one of the nine nesting compartments, to their new lodgings in a tree, or bush, somewhere else in the garden. I knew that they were in there from when I had tried to clean the boxes out a few weeks ago, prior to the Spring birds returning. One of the compartments was stuffed full, with what seemed like wool, and there were four babies in the midst of it, so I just put the roof back on and left it. Today was the Squirrels “self eviction day”, so that I can now go and clean it out again, for some birds to use, hopefully! I spent over an hour watching, photographing and movie making all the action, as the parent  coaxed, dragged and carried the babes from quite high up, down a metal frame-work, and took them into the nearby Pine trees. Three of the little ones were relocated, without too much fuss for the parent, quite quickly, but the fourth one kept going back inside the box. The parent would go back inside and try to get it out, but wasn’t having much success. Parts of the babe would appear through the hole and then disappear back in, even when the grown up was inside urging it out! The parent tried what looked like food bribes to no avail! Then, after about 10 minutes of these antics, the parent finally decided that enough was enough and went in and grabbed junior, by the scuff of the neck, and out they both came! He was then re-positioned in mouth and carted down and into the trees, to join the rest of the gang! Quite the exciting event to witness.

Stay safe and well,

John Baldwin


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