Baldwin’s Birds


Good day readers,
Whilst cleaning out the leaves from our waterfall, I was serenaded by a very persistent songster, which, as far as I know, I haven’t seen in the garden before, a Warbling Vireo. It was eating, I hope, the caterpillar type beasts that were busy eating the leaves of our Japanese Willow tree. He was a busy little fellow too, always on the move, but still singing. It was very difficult to get a good view of him long enough to get a picture. Being a “flycatcher”, he probably wasn’t eating any of the crawling beasts. But a Downy Woodpecker was, much to my delight!
My last observations of our House Wrens were delightful, as they have now taken over the use of one of my high nesting boxes, despite the Bluebird that sometimes uses it as a perch! Live and let live! Stay healthy and well.
John Baldwin


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