Addicted to the thrill of the ice!


by Janice Lewis

In the quiet outskirts of town, my husband and I found our slice of paradise—a cozy home on sprawling land, surrounded by the familiarity of the countryside. Our neighbours, with their warm smiles and friendly waves, welcomed us into their midst, yet beneath the surface, a longing lingered – a yearning for true belonging.

Determined to carve out our place in this close-knit community, I turned to the virtual realm, diving into the depths of the local Facebook page in search of connection and adventure. And there, amidst a sea of posts, a glimmer of curiosity sparked within me – a plea for winter activities that stirred something deep within.

Winter, with its icy grip and endless nights, had always left me itching for the solace of my couch after a long day’s work. But as I scrolled through the suggestions, one stood out – a mention of the local curling club. With a shared glance, my husband and I made a spontaneous decision – we were diving headfirst into the world of curling at the Winchester Curling Club. 

Under the guidance of the club’s passionate president and a team of dedicated volunteers, we embarked on a journey of discovery, a journey that would change our lives forever. From the Learn to Curl Program to mixed leagues and exhilarating bonspiels, we found ourselves hooked, addicted to the thrill of the ice and the camaraderie of our fellow curlers.

As the seasons passed, our love for the sport only deepened. We became regulars on the rink, trading lazy evenings on the couch for the exhilaration of sweeping stones and strategizing our next move. And in the process, we unearthed something far greater than a mere pastime; we discovered a sense of community, a family bound by laughter, support, and shared passion.

Now, as I sit on the Board, preparing to organize my very first bonspiel, I am filled with a sense of pride and belonging that I never knew existed. And as I glance around at the friends we’ve made and the memories we’ve shared, I know without a doubt – I can’t imagine my life without curling.


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