Accessing the North Dundas Times online


Meta has blocked Canadian News on Facebook and Instagram because the Canadian government said that they would need to share the advertising revenue that Meta earns from using content from Canadian news outlets.  

The North Dundas Times wants readers to be able to choose how they read their news so we need to be more creative on how to make it accessible to our readers.  Here are a few suggestions that will allow you to access The North Grenville Times online:

  • Bookmark our website,, and come directly to the site. The bi-weekly news is uploaded every other Thursday by 5 pm.
  • We have started posting to Threads at Although Threads is owned by Meta, it has not been blocked. Please follow us on Threads.
  • The full paper in electronic format can be viewed by clicking on PRINT EDITION on the top menu bar of our website
  • Sign up for our bi-weekly newsletter – click SUBSCRIPTIONS on the top menu bar at

If any of our readers have any suggestions or ideas on best ways that The North Grenville Times can spread trustworthy local news online, please contact us by sending an email to or call the office at  613-215-0735.   


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