“A little fun for the neighbourhood”: pumpkin carving contest winners announced


What better way to celebrate the fall season than with a pumpkin carving contest? For the second consecutive year, a group of local businesses ran such a contest last week, which resulted in many skillfully handcrafted pumpkins being on display in Sweet Corner Park in Winchester in the days that followed. 

The Planted Arrow was one Winchester business that participated in the fun project. Its owner, Kelly Windle, explained that the project was initiated to create North Dundas’ “own little pumpkin inferno in downtown Winchester”, adding that its main purpose was “just to create a little fun for the neighbourhood”. 

The event began earlier in October with a deadline of October 23 to submit an entry form and pay the $2 entry fee at Foodland – a participating sponsor. From October 24-26, completed pumpkins were dropped off at The Planted Arrow. Judging took place on October 27, and the winners were announced on October 28. “The Township graciously offered Sweet Corner Park for display,” said Kelly. The pumpkins were displayed until Halloween. 

Why a $2 entry fee? It was used to cover the costs of the pumpkin and to incentivize completion, Kelly explained. Other sponsors of the event were Iron Forge, The Hollow, and Fat Les Chip Stand. Up to $125 in gift cards were available to be won.

“I love events like this because it’s fun for the community as it allows people to get creative, showcase their art and skills, and who doesn’t like to brag that they won a carving contest?” Kelly added. “It’s like going out to see the Christmas lights around town, but spooky.  A fun pastime that hopefully grows every year.”

This year’s contest winners were:

– Most Creative: Maddox and Kelly M – dia de los Muertos pumpkin

– Best technique: Lexie Fuerte – stitches pumpkin

– Fan Favourite: Jenn Begin – let me out pumpkin

– Under 17: Rorie Briggs – wolf pumpkin

Congratulations to all the winners!


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