by Rachel Everett-Fry, Local journalism initiative reporter.

Debbie Amirault of North Grenville donated $500 to House of Lazarus, the most recent donation of funds raised throughthe Mouth2Mouth project.

Debbie has now donated over $4,800 to the Kemptville Salvation Army and the House of

After receiving donations of fabric from community members, Debbie started the Mouth2Mouth Community helping community:
Mouth2Mouth Project donates to House of Lazarus project in March of 2020.

She reused otherwise unused material to make face masks. She describes the idea as “community helping community. The donation of fabric came from the community. And then they turn around and purchase a mask for a super low price. Then that gets
donated to the community. So it goes full circle.”

Funnily enough, Cathy Ashby, Executive Director of HOL, said that the funds raised by Debbie will be used to support the House of Lazarus’ Neighbour Helping Neighbours program. This program allocates “donated money to help families: if they are in hydro arrears or if they need something done like maintenance on their vehicle. Sometimes eye glasses, dental work, those types of things.”

Cathy says that lately, “there have been a lot of requests. So this donation will really help with that. And it’s neat that [Debbie] described it as community helping community. Things are working two ways here.”

Debbie has lots of projects on the go with the hope of continuing to raise
funds as demand for masks subsides. She is making poppies and knit baby hats, and brainstorming other ideas. She says “Sewing is my happy place. I think it’s because of everything that’s going along with what I’m doing. Giving back to the community is
just so satisfying.”

The next Mouth2Mouth donation will go to the Kemptville Salvation Army.

To learn more about Debbie’s work, look for Mouth2Mouth Project on Facebook or email Debbie at mouth2mouthproject@gmail.com


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