When are Baldwin’s Birds – not!?


We had an unusual and beautiful visitor, the other day, in our front room, a true mystery,
With its long white body, pink nose, black eyes and black tipped tail, what could it be?
We think, that it had come in via a hole under the stove, or from under the kitchen sink.
Was it a stoat, weasel, ferret, or maybe someone’s, escaped, tame mink!?
Before it disappeared, out came the camera and pictures taken, for all friends and pundits for to see!
The enquiring e-mails went out and replies, came back almost immediately,
From wise friends and other experts, started coming back.
We even got one back from a friend’s seven year old Grandson, named Zack!
He was, “right-on”, with his unprompted-by-parents advice, as he, and the many other experts did determine,
That the brownish colored summer Short Tailed Weasel, in its white winter coat, and in our house, was, in fact, an ERMINE!
It left us just as silently, as it had arrived and it never seemed, in the least bothered, by us, or hurried,
For those of you, who might have been, and are still, for our safety, concerned and worried.
We haven’t seen it since, – Thank goodness!

John Baldwin,
19 February 2021


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