What is Roblox?


by Naomi Jackson

You may have heard kids talk about something called Roblox, and are wondering what it is. Is it a game, and why are young people spending so much time on it? Roblox is a well-known gaming platform that is quickly growing around the world. It is popular with kids, teenagers, and even some adults. Roblox powers imagination and creativity by allowing players to make their own games and publish them to the platform for others to play. During the Covid-19 pandemic, the number of Roblox players has skyrocketed. After launching in 2006, there are now over 164 million players on Roblox. Let us take a deeper look into the Roblox community, how to get started, how Roblox makes money, how to play safely and avoid online bullying and scams.

If you search for “Roblox” on the internet, you will get a lot of links to different websites. One of those links takes you to the Roblox website, where you can sign in, or sign up to create an account. After signing in, you will see a list of recommended games and a picture of your avatar head. Everybody starts off with the beginner’s avatar, sometimes called the “noob” avatar. The word noob refers to a new person on Roblox. If you want an upgrade, you need Robux which brings us to our next category.

Robux is Roblox’s digital currency. Robux cards ($5 to $50) can be purchased online and in many stores, alongside other gift cards. While you do not need Robux to play most games, they are needed to purchase online clothing, accessories, hair styles, and animations for your avatar.

This is how Roblox, game developers and digital clothing designers make money. Teenagers and kids want to be noticed and stand out in this online gaming community. Robux allows players to create unique avatars and buy game passes. Game passes can give you special items, abilities, and features in certain games. Players can be whatever and whoever they want to be, they don’t need to be selfconscious at all. This leads us to our next topic: scammers.

As a new player, you need to be careful when you use Robux to buy something in a game. Scammers often target the noobs that just bought Robux. If you even feel a smidge of doubt, like it is too good to be true, then it probably is. Some scammers will give you a link to a website offering “free Robux”. This is not true. They can only be bought by yourself, or if someone gives you a Robux gift card. Next to scams, bullying is also a concern.

One day I was playing a game called Meep City. I was walking around after creating a new outfit and I came across two girl players whose avatars had dark skin and a pride flag draped across their backs. Another player approached them and started to harass them by calling them offensive names. I said, “Stop harassing them, leave them be! Keep your thoughts to yourself and stop being homophobic and racist!” The two girls and I were enraged by his behaviour. After five minutes of trying to defend the girls, I said to one of them: “Let’s go someplace else, he just wants attention.” We went to one of their digital houses and talked about what happened. They said it happens a lot. This made me feel disappointed that there is still this level of racism and homophobia on Roblox today. I am now online friends with them.

Here are some tips to avoid being scammed or bullied. Never play a game that is offering free Robux. Never give out personal information, such as your real name and address. Don’t click on ads in Roblox. Don’t chat with people you don’t know. Roblox is aware that there can be arguments among players, so they have safe chat for players 12 and under.

Roblox is a wonderful, but sometimes harsh, online gaming community. It is growing and changing for the good as more voices speak out to stop cyberbullying and scams. Roblox is safe to play, and incredibly fun to explore with your friends, and might just be the community for you.


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