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Hello, everyone! Welcome back to another week of The Weather with Connor. This time my column will have a bit of a spin to it. Not too much weather being talked about in this one, that’s for sure. Instead, I’ll talk about a very special vacation that I went on recently, which is why you didn’t see a column of mine in the last paper.

Zoé and I went to Florida! Disney specifically. It was an amazing trip and I can’t wait to tell you all about it.

The vacation started very early on a Sunday morning… like 2:00 am early. We woke up and jumped out of bed, knowing that we’d have to be out the door at 3:00 am so that we could drive to the airport in Montreal to catch our flight. The drive in the morning was easy, we actually didn’t see a single vehicle on the Eastbound 417 from Casselman until we got to Montreal. Completely deserted.

We got to the airport around 4:30 am, got our stuff out of the car, and made our way inside. Everything was super easy in the airport, it also wasn’t busy and everything with security and US Customs went very smoothly. We sat down at our gate to wait for boarding time, which was at 7:30 am, and then got up to go get breakfast.

Speaking of breakfast, can you believe the Tim Hortons in the airport was closed in the morning at the airport? I was beside myself. I couldn’t figure out what to eat (I’m picky), so I found a bagel place and bought myself a breakfast sandwich on a bagel for, get this, almost $13. For my first time in an airport, I was astounded at the price of things.

Anyways, we hopped on the plane and flew our way to Orlando. We landed late in the morning. It was a beautiful and hot 30 degrees when we landed. We headed to the rental car spot after a quick shuttle bus ride to get us there, picked up the car, and headed to the resort.

That’s where things started to go haywire.

That Monday was supposed to be the day where we all go to Disney World, Magic Kingdom specifically. We were all dressed, backpacks on, ready to go, until…… Zoé got stomach sick. So, Monday’s a write off. We didn’t do much. She ended up being sick for the entire trip, but we did salvage the vacation and had a great time.

Tuesday was a Disney Resort hopping day. We checked out a bunch of different resorts on Disney property. The Grand Floridian was my favourite, super beautiful. We had a tasty steak supper there, and after a busy day, went back to the resort for bed.

Wednesday…the best day of the trip! We finally went to Magic Kingdom. We got there right at opening, took the ferry across to the entrance gate, and away we went. We walked through the front area where all the stores are, took some pictures, and went a little bit closer to the Kingdom. There, we saw one of the Disney photographers. We tapped on her shoulder to get her attention, and she started snapping some photos of Zoé and I in front of the castle.

That’s when I looked at Zoé, started crying, and got down on one knee and asked her to marry me. For those who don’t know, she said yes! We’re engaged! Months of planning paid off, it was everything she and I wanted it to be. It couldn’t have happened at a more magical place! Zoé, I love you to the moon and back, always!

Thursday was a day where we all slept in. It was time to finally sleep in after a very busy vacation. We ended up going to Disney Springs to do some shopping and have lunch at the Rainforest Cafe. Trips through Pandora, the Lego Store, and many, many other big stores were had. We headed back to the resort late in the afternoon to go enjoy the pool one last time before flying back into Montreal to go home the next morning.

All in all, it was a hectic vacation with lots of twists and turns, but one that we’ll have stories about for the rest of our lives!


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