Steve Clark visits Guildcrest Homes


submitted by Roxane Villeneuve

On June 28, the Honourable Steve Clark, Ontario’s Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, met with executives of Guildcrest Homes followed by a tour of the manufacturing facility in Morewood.

“It was an exciting day for us at Guildcrest Homes as we welcomed Minister Clark to our facility”, said Martin Roy, CEO, Guildcrest Homes. 

“We are pleased that Minister Clark and MPP Nolan Quinn took the time out of their busy schedules to meet with us to discuss the various opportunities, benefits, and possibilities of modular construction, followed by a tour of our manufacturing facility to gain a better understanding of the modular construction industry”, added Mr. Roy.

“We’ve been building high quality, energy-efficient modular homes and buildings since 1991 at this factory. The Profab group, which includes Guildcrest Homes, has built and erected over 20K projects over the last 30 years – 7,500 of these were produced here in Morewood, Ontario”, said Mr. Roy.

“Producing in our factory allows us to operate year-round without interruption due to the elements. It allows us to reduce the waste generated for each build and since we are building with a wood structure, our buildings have one of the lowest carbon footprints. Our products have been shipped all over Ontario, Quebec, Nunavut, the Maritime Provinces, New England and in a multitude of First Nation communities,” said Mr. Roy.

“Whether you are considering building a single-family dwelling, a small or large cottage, a semi-detached town home, a multi-unit building, a school or a hotel, we are able to design a product that meets your needs. At Guildcrest Homes, we are committed to delivering our projects on-time and on budget”, added Mr. Roy.

Guildcrest Homes is also active in several residential development projects and “Adult Lifestyle” communities and has developed a strong relationship with many of Ontario’s First Nations communities.  “We are also very pleased to have various mayors here, as well as special guests including representatives from the Miziwe Biik Development Corporation who toured our manufacturing facility”, added Mr. Roy.

“With the Ford Government’s “More Homes Built Faster Plan”, we look forward to continuing our communications and working with Minister Clark and other ministries, organizations, and individuals to assist with the need for more new homes throughout the Province”, concluded Mr. Roy


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