Spider‑bird, not Spider‑man!

Baldwin’s Birds


Life speeds onwards apace as summer and all the bird activities carry on in the day to day routine of living. The competition for food goes on as usual, with the birds taking second place to our three different coloured squirrels which tend to dominate the scene, but not quite all of it, since they too “see each other off” and have to leave their respective feeding spot to do it. This, of course, gives the birds a chance to feed during the squirrels’ fleeting chases of their immediate rivals, whatever their size and colour! The “Little Red” will often be seen pursuing a much larger black or grey variety with the tenacity of a wee red‑headed Scot who always comes to mind whenever I see it happen!

As a break from just observing through our front room window, I thought that I would take up a comfortable spot in the garden to observe the Hummingbird activity “live”, so to speak, so I got into my car and opened the windows and used it as a “bird‑hide” to get some pictures of them. My primary objective was to get some pictures of the Hummingbirds in flight as they came to feed from my suspended feeder. I managed to get some clearer pictures of them this way, but was very upset with those pesky wasps which were also vying with the birds for a sip of the sugar water. I have a few pictures of both the birds and their rival wasps in them. I really can see why the little birds are so twitchy about trying to put their tongues down a hole which might contain a not too happy “stinging beast”. I know I would be! Towards the end of the day, the wasps disappear and the Hummingbirds can feed in relative peace when they only get chased by one of “their‑own”, if that is any consolation to them!

It was whilst I was following the Hummingbird activity that I noticed, out of the corner of my eye, something scaling and then clinging to my garage brick wall. What a surprise ‑ it was a Red‑breasted Nuthatch! We don’t see them very often compared with the White‑breasted variety which are regular visitors. This little fellow didn’t stop for very long, and I presume that it had just stopped by to see if there were any flies or spiders to feed on under the eaves. Whatever his reason, it was a nice surprise! Perhaps you too are being treated to bird surprises and, if so, enjoy the moments. Stay safe and well.


John Baldwin


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