Second Batch Blues


It would seem that our Bluebirds have not given up on trying to bring more of their species into the world and have just about finished with their second brood. Lots of noise from their chicks and rapid disposal of any food coming their way seemed to indicate that they were getting fairly big. At least Mum, or Dad, didn’t need to enter the nesting box to feed them, as is demonstrated by the picture of one of them clutching the woodwork by the entrance!

Yuk! I have just looked at my picture a little bit more closely and noticed that there is a small piece of electrical wire attached to the bird, just above the left leg and the tail feathers (lower right hand side of my picture). Hopefully, it is only caught in its feathers and will come adrift pretty quickly. None of us watching the bird had noticed it experiencing any discomfort or inconvenience so, hopefully, everything will be OK. It certainly didn’t stop it hunting for food and, thankfully, feeding the “babes”.

Our regular evening visitor, one of the Hummingbirds, didn’t disappoint last evening, and having fed from our feeder, it flew down and perched in the sunlight amongst the leaves of one of our trees. There are no very bright colours to see, so I suspect that it is an immature one or a female. Of course, it didn’t stay for very long before disappearing for the night ahead in its roost, wherever that might be!

Others in our varied avian flock still come to visit, so despite the slowing-down of the nesting activities in our back garden, there is still plenty to keep us interested and occupied at the front of the house, fortunately. I hope the same is happening for you too. Stay safe and well,


John Baldwin


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