Mealshare and A&W partner to help end youth hunger


Mealshare, a national social enterprise on a mission to help end youth hunger, is thrilled to announce its new ongoing national partnership with A&W Canada. For every Mealshare Item purchased at an A&W location, one simple healthy meal will be provided to a youth in need.

Scope of partnership:

The partnership has a goal of sharing 1,250,000 meals per year. All of A&W’s locations are participating – that’s 1,000 locations stretching across the entire country. Meals are provided through Mealshare’s network of 450 local charity partners across Canada. 80% of Mealshare’s financial support stays in local communities where the Mealshare Item was purchased, and 20% goes internationally to Save the Children.

How the program works for A&W customers:

On ‘Mealshare Mondays’, customers can order a Cheddar Bacon Uncle Burger Combo and one meal will be provided to a youth in need through Mealshare. Any day of the week, customers can “Make it a Mealshare” by adding $1.00 to their order. When customers do this, one meal will be provided to a youth in need through Mealshare. Customers can participate in-restaurant, through drive-thru, or by using the mobile app.

“A&W is an amazing organization and a leader in the industry through its many environmental and social initiatives,” says Jeremy Bryant, Co-Founder of Mealshare. “The support of A&W restaurants will make a huge impact for Mealshare and all the youth we support across the entire country”.

“Our national partnership with Mealshare will help us make a bigger difference with our operators and their teams across the country. Local franchisees from coast to coast are excited to be a part of this program because they’ve seen first-hand the needs in their communities and how these programs can provide immediate benefit and support,” says Susan Senecal, Chief Executive Officer at A&W Canada. “No child should ever go hungry, especially in a country like Canada, so we’re thrilled that we can be a part of this initiative.”

Mealshare believes nutritious food is essential for all children, especially when 1 in 5 children are food insecure in this country. We are committed to creating a world where it’s easier to share with those in need, and every child and youth is fed as a result. We won’t stop until we’ve seen the end of youth hunger.

Mealshare was founded in 2013 with four partner restaurants in Alberta. Now, the organization has expanded to 1200+ restaurants across Canada and partnering with A&W Canada is the next milestone for the organization.

This social enterprise has provided over 3.8 million meals since inception, with our simple “Buy One, Give One” model. Canadians can purchase a Mealshare menu item at a participating restaurant and one meal will be donated to youth struggling with hunger through our network of local city charity partners and our international partner, Save the Children Canada. For more information, visit our website at


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