May 8 to 15 is Woodlands Appreciation Week


The Ontario Woodlot Association: Connecting people in support of good stewardship

What does the Ontario Woodlot Association (OWA) stand for? Healthy, productive woodlots, sustainable management of Ontario’s forests, and a united provincial voice for woodland owners. This grassroots organization brings together people who appreciate the value of our forests and the opportunity to learn and share ideas about good forestry.

OWA member, Neil Dunning says, “Being part of the Ontario Woodlot Association has given me a whole new avenue of learning as I rub shoulders with amazing members, many of whom have decades and even centuries of family experience in the forest.”

The OWA has an active network of 20 regional chapters spanning rural and urban communities. Members have access to expertise, research on forest health, and best management practices. Chapter events can include sustainable forestry, wildlife habitat, conservation, foraging, recreation, forest product industry, environmental stewardship, and woodlot activities for kids.

Private landowners play a key role in preserving Ontario’s sustainably managed forests. Helping woodland owners succeed with their valuable stewardship goals is a leading priority of the OWA.

May 8 to 15 is Woodlands Appreciation Week; an excellent opportunity to get out and explore our woodlands, while keeping current covid safety regulations in mind. The OWA encourages families to savour the experience of the forest and to celebrate good stewardship of this essential natural resource.

To help enhance this experience, the OWA has set up three fun activities on each of the five weekdays during Woodlands Appreciation Week, that allow everyone to experience the woods using their five senses, by delving into a “sense of the day.” A full list of these activities is posted at For more information, including how to become a member of the Ontario Woodlot Association, please visit



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