Letter to the Editor – COVID-19


Dear Editor,

Did you notice that North Dundas Township saw a jump of seven new Covid cases in the latest EOHU report? There are now nine residents with Covid compared to just two the previous week. The total caseload in ND rose to 48 from 41 for the whole epidemic.

There were no questions to the MOH about this. I am guessing this is a community up surge rather than a nursing home problem. The only local nursing home respiratory incident at Community Living Winchester wrapped up January 11, and was not Covid according to the EOHU.

The new increase could involve one or more cases of people picking up Covid at work or on the street and passing it unaware to other workers, friends and family.

This is no cause for alarm. At 48 total cases, we are the third lowest municipality across EOHU. Only South Dundas at 22 total cases and East Hawkesbury at 5 are lower.

But it shows that, despite a Covid performance that is still much better proportionally than hot spots in Toronto and other big centres and small centres in our region, that we are far from immune.

Vigilance is critical.

Bert Hill


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