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The weather seems to be unable to make up its mind what to do, as is the same for our garden birds. The cold wet does not “do it” for anything, or anyone, but the warmer days bring out our better moods! Of course, on these days the birds don’t seem to need our assistance quite so much, in finding food, so are not so numerous at our feeders. However, those that do still come are a delight to see and never fail to provide a continuous moving picture in our front window where the hanging feeders are. The continuous flitting to and fro’ of the precocious little Chickadees, as I restock some of my feeders, always give me great pleasure. The bold little fellas and lasses don’t actually land on the feeders, or even my offered hand, but teasingly sit on an adjacent branch and nip in to take a seed and return to their branch to eat it. They are so quick you hardly have time to realize what they have just done, before they repeat the act, over and over! Super!

These little birds flit freely from my garden feeders to the hanging ones, which are shared by a few Gold Finches, sadly lacking their brilliant yellow colors on our drab pre winter days, but we do have one bit of red showing up in the plumage of a House Finch. This bird mixes freely with the other type of finches, still displaying some of its lovely red coloring on its head and, more faintly, on its chest. He seems to be alone in respect of his breed, at the moment, but seems to be thriving in the company of his Goldfinch peers, so we get to enjoy both types at once. No doubt the cold weather, when it comes, will also bring with it  more red to the feeders in the form of Red Polls and Purple Finches, so there is still something for us to look forward to. Of course an even more brilliant red is provided by everyone’s favorite, the Cardinal, whose red colors really stand out nicely on those soon to come snowy days. Let’s hope that you too get to see some of these birds, as we make our way through time until Christmas Day and the end of year celebrations. Please remember, though, to stay safe and well.


John Baldwin



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