Honouring the Ault Family Legacy

    Members of the Ault family with the Carrie Keller Mural.

    by Hayley Bedford

    On September 24, the Ault Family Mural was unveiled and the Winchester Arena renaming ceremony took place at the Lions Pavilion in Winchester park.

    Although the weather was cool and windy, it didn’t dampen any spirits as Mayor Tony Fraser, acted as MC for the event and welcomed guests and speakers.

    The event was a partnership between the Township of North Dundas and Lactalis Canada to honour the contributions that Sam Ault made to both the Canadian Dairy Industry and the Winchester community.

    Sam Ault was a compassionate, community leader who was instrumental in bringing a new High School, Arena, Park and Curling club to Winchester. During the unveiling of the beautiful new mural, Sam’s son, Steven Ault, gave a heart warming speech, commenting particularly on his father’s love of sport and how valuable he felt it was to the community.

    Mayor Fraser commented, “‘Today, we are taking steps to recognise Mr Sam Ault and the entire Ault Family, who have given us much and asked for so little”.

    The speakers, Mark Taylor – CEO of Lactalis Canada, MP Eric Duncan, Deputy Mayor Armstrong, and Murray Sherk – Chair of the Dairy Farmers Ontario, all commented on how the genius and dedication of Mr Sam Ault modernised the dairy industry and paved the way for Lactalis to become the largest cheese processing plant in Canada today.

    The unveiling of the stunning mural by local artist, Carrie Keller, was quite spectacular, as the speakers and several members of the Ault Family admired the beautiful tribute.

    The former Joel Steele arena in Winchester has been officially renamed the Sam Ault arena. and ceremonial street signage has been installed down Main Street, dubbing the thoroughfare, the Ault Way.



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