Explore SNC’s Conservation Areas this Summer


With the August long weekend just around the corner, South Nation Conservation (SNC) is encouraging the public to take advantage of its over 12,000 acres of public natural space, including a network of 14 day-use Conservation Areas, free of charge as always.

Whether it’s reconnecting with nature while hiking at Warwick Forest Conservation Area in Berwick, launching a kayak at Cass Bridge Conservation Area in Winchester for a peaceful morning paddle, or enjoying a picnic lunch at the McIntosh Park Conservation Area in Berwick, SNC continues to offer a safe haven for physical and mental health respite for more than 62,000 visitors in 2021 alone.

“More and more our conservation areas are being viewed as destinations, not only by local residents, but by visitors from neighboring municipalities, making our conservation areas a huge tourism draw and benefit to our member municipalities,” said SNC Communications Specialist Shannon Gutoskie.

“These visitors, often times, are also contributing to our local economies and seeing the fabulous things that our communities have to offer.”

With the Province now in Step 3 of Reopening, SNC continues to encourage all users to adhere to Public Health guidelines. “Many people get outdoors to enjoy nature and seek some solitude. To help everyone enjoy their outdoor experience, visitors are reminded to keep their pets leashed, avoid excessive noise and pack out what you pack in,” says Gutoskie.

In addition to the 12,000 acres, SNC manages 20,000 acres of Community Forest in Eastern Ontario and many of the public, day-use Conservation Areas have been donated to the Authority through SNC’s Land Securement Program to help maintain natural legacies for donors and to provide people a place to step outdoors and into nature.

SNC is a not-for-profit, community-based environmental agency that relies on donations and self-generated revenue to protect and enhance the local environment across its 4,441 square-kilometre jurisdiction, on behalf of its 16 partner municipalities.

Residents can plan their next local adventure at: www.nation.on.ca/recreation.


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