Council send letter to Premier on behalf of local business

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Mayor Tony Fraser has sent a letter to Premier Ford, on behalf of Council and staff of North Dundas, formally requesting that the province consider the small businesses in North Dundas as the lockdown continues.

Mayor, Council, and Dr Paul Roumeliotis from the EOHU, discussed the need to stand up for small businesses in the face of provincial shut downs at the Council meeting on January 19. They discussed the fact that it is much easier to monitor and control the numbers coming into a small shop than a big box store, and much easier to ensure that social distancing is being observed. All present were bothered by the fact that big box stores that sell food are allowed to remain open to sell items that are not grocery or pharmacy goods, whereas small retailers must close.

In the letter, Mayor Fraser stresses that, as there are no big box stores in our municipality, with all our retailers closed, residents are forced to travel outside of the area, to places like Ottawa, where Covid-19 rates are higher, to shop. He writes: “We are not asking to close the big box stores but rather, to treat all businesses equally.”

Dr Paul assured the Mayor and Council that he would be talking to Premier Ford about the need to consider small businesses. Mayor Fraser’s letter was copied to MPP Jim McDonell, as well as to Steve Clark, the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing. Mayor Fraser encourages any constituents to write, email, or call our MPP, Jim McDonell, to express their concerns about the effect that Covid-19 is having on the small businesses of North Dundas. The contact information for our MPP Jim McDonell is as follows:

Jim McDonell, MPP SD&G, 23rd Floor, Suite 2302, 777 Bay St, Toronto, ON, M5G 2E5; or Jim McDonell MPP SD&G, Legislative Building, Queens Park, Toronto, ON, M7A 1A1.
Cornwall Office: Time Square, 120 Second Street West, Cornwall, ON, K6J 1G5. Telephone: 613-933-6513. Email:

Mayor Fraser’s letter is reproduced here, with his permission.


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