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The surprisingly warm weather prevails and our Spring birds are returning, as you yourself will probably have noticed when the migrating Canada Geese “honk” to each other as they pass overhead. A lovely sight and sound, as they hold their “Vee” formations, or are approaching some patch of water that they are descending down on to. This is so at the end of our road, where the small river, from Oxford Mills, meanders for its final few metres into the heart of Kemptville, on its way to the much bigger Rideau River. In the other direction, away from us, the horse stables fields have formed an impromptu, welcoming pond, formed by the melting snow, that the geese are delightfully taking full advantage of, whilst it is still there!

Chippie steals Redwings food

Meanwhile, the Red Winged Blackbirds in our garden are busy feeding, whilst “squeezing out” their own distinctive form of song! It is surprising, really, considering that they are more a marshland bird, than a garden one, that they seem right at home in the pine trees by my feeders. In past years there has always been at least one or two of them that linger through the summer months in our garden, despite it not being their “normal” habitat. Of course, they don’t get the feeders to themselves, as can be seen from my picture, when either the Chipmunks or Squirrels, get to have a say in the matter! 

Cowbird droplets

Food isn’t the only concern with the birds and other creatures, but, with the milder weather, their search for water is a lot easier, as is demonstrated by a returning Cowbird, who sorts out the use of one of our water bowls. If you look carefully at it, you can see water droplets falling from its beak as it drinks. Hopefully, you too are spotting all the different birds and their activities as the Spring warmth encourages them back to your own little patch of the universe, for you to enjoy their presence once again. Stay safe and well.

John Baldwin



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