Canadian Club of Morrisburg and District report


by Clara Edwardson

On May 18, the Canadian Club of Morrisburg and District met at the Royal Canadian Legion in Morrisburg for the final meeting of the 2021/2022 season. Attendees were welcomed  by Celeste and Bob Weagant.  At 7 pm, the Head Table was piped in by local piper Hugh Metcalfe.

President Steve Caza opened the meeting. After Grace  was offered by Muriel Carruthers, those present enjoyed a wonderful roast beef dinner, catered by the Ladies of the Morrisburg Legion.

The guest entertainer  Marleen Fawcett was introduced by Vice president Anne Caza. Marleen is an amazing entertainer/singer/songwriter, and interacts with her audience during the evening. Her  resemblance to Anne Murray, plus their  similar voices, certainly highlighted those songs. She is recognized internationally, and  is an audience pleaser. Her choice of  the “Twist”, and  oldie “The Tennessee Waltz”, brought strong applause by the audience. Marleen also acknowledged  herself as an avid tennis fan.

Clara Edwardson thanked Marleen, and  mentioned how fortunate we are to have such amazing talent in our county.

Doug Grenkie made the two draws – the large Canadian Flag, won by Dr. Gerry Rosenquist, and the jewelry gifted by  Pommier Jewellers, was won by Muriel Carruthers,  who had had a recent winning ticket and so offered it back for redraw. It was then won by Huguette Burns.

Eleanor Allison then accompanied the singing of “O  Canada”. President Steve Caza thanked everyone for coming and closed the meeting.

The list of speakers for the 2022/2023 season:

September 21,  2022: Dr Garry Willard – Surgeon, Canadian Doctor, served in Vietnam War, has written a book, “Into the Jaws of the Dragon”.

October  19, 2022: Maggie Wheeler;

November 16,2022: David Ross, CEO of Ross Video;

March  15,  2023: Senator  Bernadette Clement;

April  19, 2023: Cholly Boland, CEO of  WDMH;

May  17, 2023: John Foster, Canada, Oil, and World Politics.



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