Brrr! Frozen Food!?

Baldwin's Birds


I hope that you have all got yourselves dug out from our latest series of snowy nights and days. Plenty of exercise for me, that’s for sure, as I made paths to my bird feeders to keep them happy. We still have plenty of resident birds who seem to have survived it all, and are now experiencing some quite cold, but sunny days. One such bird is our delightful “Upside-down Bird”, the White Breasted Nuthatch, which I managed to get a picture of as it fed on one of my peanut feeders surrounded by the overhanging icicles glistening in the sun. The frozen and sometimes watery stalactite formations don’t seem to put the birds off from feeding, so I have no concerns for their continuing welfare. In fact they, the icicles, provide a little contrast to show up and enhance their somewhat drabber winter coloring, as does the pure white fresh snow for those birds who are ground feeders. A good example of this are the Rock Pigeons and the Mourning Doves and some of our other birds, like the Cardinals and Bluejays. Perhaps you too have noticed the sharper bird colors when you are trying to cope with, and seeking some enjoyment, on these cold wintery, snowy days. Stay safe and well.

John Baldwin



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