BDL Equipment moves to Mountain


by Stephanie Seaver

BDL equipment, a popular tractor dealer and equipment shop, has moved from Metcalfe to Mountain just a few short weeks ago. Located at 10510 Loughlin Ridge Road (home of B&B Small Engines), BDL Equipment is a TYM tractor and Cub Cadet dealer. They also carry an impressive rental fleet of equipment, attachment sales and host a full service garage.
BDL tends to focus more on local individuals who have projects to do, not large construction jobs. Whether it is homeowners who have a large field project to tackle or a smaller lawn job, BDL has the equipment required for these types of jobs. They can supply new or used equipment and cater to different price points.

Manager Bob Langlois, says “people seem to have a lot more time on their hands lately, due to COVID. This means they are home more and are looking for things to keep them busy.” Backyard projects seem to be on the rise and because BDL’s client base tends to be homeowners, the compact tractors they sell and rent are exactly what these people need to get the job done.

COVID has not slowed business at all for BDL. In fact, there have been days where the shop has had a line right out the door! They have seen a definite increase in people moving out to rural areas lately.

“If you live out here, you generally have a large amount of grass to cut and require lawn mowers, tillers and service. That’s what we’re here for,” says Bob, “to fulfill that need. Grass doesn’t stop growing!”

For more information please call 613-209-3122, visit, or email:



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