Baldwin’s Birds- Sitting it Out!


by John Baldwin

The NGT’s mailbox is, no doubt, brimming over with all sorts of subject matter, which will probably give us all food-for-thought and even more subjects to debate, along with some desirable, as well as undesirable rhetoric, which is to be expected, depending on the subject being discussed!

Our world of Nature does not respect our various points of view, fortunately, and carries on regardless. The odd cold-snap and a few snow showers and cloudy breaks have not stopped, or prevented, our bird visitors from visiting us, on their daily look out for the food that we provide for them. They are not the only ones either, partaking of the easy meals, because we also get the three different colored squirrels, – red, black, and grey – who each respect each others right to be there and give way, when necessary, without a lot of anger and kerfuffle.

The birds, likewise, respect each other, as can be seen in the picture. The Crow and its fellow family member, the Bluejay, are “sitting it out”, away from the feeders being dominated by our large flock of Rock Pigeons, who jostle and squeeze in wherever they can. They make for an interesting and colourful display, both statically and in the air between feeders, and from the ground up to them. Of course, the smaller birds, some of whom are ground feeders, keep their distance too, but eventually get their turn, which is how it should be! Hopefully you are able to see all these sort of activities too, in your own gardens. Enjoy and stay safe and well.

John Baldwin


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