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The Bluebirds are back!

Hoping that this fine sunny day finds you in a lot happier situation than a lot of you were in a few days ago, and not still now, as a few of my friends are, still having to fight the good fight against the horrible water damage done in their houses. Every one of you has my deepest sympathy, if you are still in this situation. Good luck!

Our avian friends are, no doubt, as relieved as we are to be back into more acceptable weather conditions, as spring slowly dries out all their feeding grounds and makes them think of building either new nests, or refurbishing some used last year. Robins are hopping across the lawn, stopping now and again to listen for the slightest hint of grubs being just under the surface for them to get and eat. Other birds are now very evident such as the Cowbirds, the male of the species strutting about impressively with wing feathers raised as a display, for the females who are supposed to be impressed! The female Rock Pigeons are supposed to be impressed too by the puffed up and strutting males, in their clan, as they try to woo them. Many of the other birds don’t just have food on their minds either, when they make their approaches to a female of the same breed as themselves, but then again, that’s what life is all about, isn’t it!?

With having fairly large windows in our living room, we get to see more than just the immediate garden birds! Recently, we have been treated to the sight of a flock of Turkey Vultures, who rise above the tree-line to the southeast of us and soar round and around until they disappear from sight. This tends to happen later in the day, but is still quite the display. Sometimes their presence is accompanied by some flocks of Canada Geese, who are either leaving or dropping into the creek in that same direction.

Today, our special bird treat is that of seeing our first Bluebirds of the year. Yes! They are back in their beautiful bright blue suits with red bibs and white lower chest colors all shown off to perfection in the brilliant sunlight. Great! They are not the only ones who show up better in the sun than some of the darker birds, but the male Goldfinches are rapidly changing into their brilliant yellow plumage as well. If you have had some of them with you all winter in their duller coats, start looking now and watch the transformation almost happening before your eyes and enjoy. Look after yourselves and stay safe.

John Baldwin



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