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The sudden change to warm weather has certainly thrown our birds into some confusion, as well as our “hibernating” animal friends. A couple of days ago I saw,- not a Groundhog, but a Chipmunk sitting on one of my garden features, trying to measure his shadow! He was there again today preening himself, (you could just see his tongue as he did this job on his tail), but not making any effort to go anywhere seeking food. He groomed himself as the joyful song of a Cardinal filled the air as it sat in the bare branches of a Maple at the top of our back garden (yard). What a lovely start to the day, which was just as well, as the other familiar visiting birds haven’t been so numerous the past few days, so not much for me to talk about. They, no doubt, are taking advantage of the warmth too, as the sun melts the snow from the ground and trees and they can forage once more in their natural habitat and not from my feeders. It doesn’t deter the squirrels though, I wish they would follow the example of their feathered friends!

The Mourning Doves and Rock Pigeons are not deterred and are putting in their usual appearance both on the ground and in the feeders. One or two of the male Pigeons are strutting about and puffing up their “display” plumage, as they go in pursuit of one of the females present! It must be the Valentines Day fever!! Let’s hope they won’t be disappointed if the weather does an about face, as we too would be!  Stay safe and well.


John Baldwin



  1. John Baldwin – your most recent column featured a seed cake type of feeder that you mentioned you got at a supplier in Iroquois. Could you tell me the name of the store please?


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