Baldwin’s Birds

Colourful Finches

On a beautiful sunny morning, what better time to see all the wonderful color that abounds, both in the garden, from the flowers, and in the plumage of our avian friends. The brilliant blue of the Bluebirds and Bluejays, the iridescent colors of the Ruby Throated Hummingbird, Grackles, Starlings, and male Cowbirds, as well as the reds of the Cardinals and the waterbathing Robins. Also included amongst the reds is the strikingly colored male House Finch, who, when feeding alongside a North American Goldfinch with its superb black and bright yellow feathers, creates a truly spectacular picture. The latter birds make a very stunning sight when they settle on to a lovely green pine tree which then provides a marvelous green “backdrop” to emphasize the yellows more vividly! Our elusive Baltimore Oriole, with its bright orange plumage, is still visiting us and just lands tantalizingly enough for me to grab my camera, but not long enough for me to get a good picture of it! Of course there are many other colorful birds to be seen that I haven’t mentioned, and I bet that you can name some more; and, if not, you have got a very revealing colorful treat to come, should you so desire. They are there to be seen and enjoyed, if you look carefully, so hopefully, you will go out and do just that. Remember though, that whatever you do, please stay safe and well.

John Baldwin


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