Baldwins Birds


This morning, a “murder” of the ubiquitous Crow family created quite a noisy, unusual, display as they gathered in the Fall leaves beneath one of our small evergreen trees.

They then jumped up to peck at some of its seeds, fruit, or foliage, in a lively, almost dance-like action between the six of them. Much “Caw-ing” accompanied their actions, as they pecked and then took off, circled, and came back to where they had started.

A fascinating, short lived display and interaction between them all. Almost as soon as it started, it was over and they dispersed.

They were not the only ones to draw attention to themselves, because their noisy presence was soon replaced by the overhead “honking” of several skeins of Canada Geese, as they traversed from the Rideau River to the South Branch, at the end of our road.

Their v-shaped skeins varied in size, comprising from three or four birds, to those high in the double figures.

As I mentioned in past articles, they are still passing through, or just biding awhile; so if the weather doesn’t get too cold very quickly, you still may have time to see them for yourselves.

Enjoy, and stay safe and well.

John Baldwin.


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