Baldwins Birds


Baldwin’s Birds

Where has the year gone, as we speed into September and another month of the persisting pandemic as well as the upcoming Federal Election?

Fortunately, we have our garden birds and animals to draw our attention away from these somewhat stressful events and allow us to maintain some sort of normality in our lives.

Yes, a real mental break is provided for us without making any real effort.

We just have to look outside our front window where our hanging feeders and bird bath provide us the joy of being able to watch and observe our birds and small animals going about their daily business.

On our hanging window feeders, the Hummingbirds are competing at their feeder with the Wasps, and the Woodpeckers, Chickadees, and Nuthatches for the peanuts, whilst the
Goldfinches are content with the Nijer seed.

A small distance from the house our other “mixed bird seed” feeders are competed for by Blue jays, Cardinals, Chipping Sparrows and other birds, as well as the Red, Black and Grey Squirrels and our little buddies, the Chipmunks!

We have a full cast of actors to keep us occupied, amused and amazed as they go about their daily chore of survival, be it competing for food, water or shelter, interspersed with the rearing and teaching of their young.

With the recent hot days, our water bowl and birdbath have seen more activity than
usual from both the birds and the animals which delight in drinking and also splashing about in them.

The picture that I have included is one taken by my wife which illustrates how lucky we are to be able see and catch on camera some of our garden friends.

The female Cardinal is watching the antics of a ChippingSparrow in the water and,
behind them both, you can just spot one of our “Chippies” ( Chipmunk) busying himself in the foliage.

As you can see, never a dull moment and always someone/thing to talk to whenever we come out of our front door!

Even the chattering of the squirrels provides relief from the silence that would prevail if nothing was out there!

Hopefully you are enjoying all the sights and sounds that our Nature Friends provide us with too.

Stay safe and well,
John Baldwin



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