Baldwin’s Birds


by John Baldwin

Our Garden Birds, Early On A Cold Sunlit December Day

I awoke and arose, at the “crack of”, – just after eight,
And made my usual walk to the bedroom window, for a firsthand weather
The back garden was half bathed in the early morning sun, under a lovely
blue sky,
As I looked out at our Catalpa tree, where, a different looking bird, perched on
Being out of recognizable range for my eyes, I high-tailed it to where my
camera is kept,
And, into the lens a lovely bird picture, instantly, leapt!
For, as I sat in my pyjamas, on a chair, by the patio door,
A flock of eight Cedar Waxwings I saw.
Like little masked bandits, with their yellow tail tips,
They sat on the branches, showing red on their inner wings, as bright as two
They had probably been attracted by the bright red berries of our Crab-apple
Unfortunately, they didn’t dwell for very long and soon they did flee and left
Luckily, they weren’t the only ones out enjoying the sun,
Being only the first of an early morning list of birds, they’d just spectacularly
A big black Crow landed on a Maple tree branch and started to, raucously,
And a couple of others landed and started turning over leaves, as I’d seen
them do before.
They flicked over the leaves as they walked, to see what they concealed,
Lo and behold, they were lucky and some worms were gobbled up, as they
were revealed.
They weren’t the only ones doing this unusual task,
As some Starlings and a Blue-jay did somewhat the same, what more could
they ask!?
Even the Mourning Doves were there, not to be outdone,
As they, too, searched for some food on the ground, in the sun.
Other Blue-jays and a Cardinal visited, but weren’t really that keen,
For sifting through leaves, looking for worms, isn’t really their “scene”!
After about an hour of watching this varied avian flock,
The sun had risen higher and moved like a dial on a clock.
The garden’s shadowy theme had been transformed into bright sunlight,
Revealing, at a front of the house feeder, a brilliant red colored House Finch,
another perfect delight!
So I have had a bit, about today’s surprise birds, to say and to tell,
And I hope, if you see some of them, you do too,
So just keep looking at and enjoying them,
but please, at the same time, stay safe and well.


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