Auntie Anabel


“Anytime you got nothing to do – and lots of time to do it, come on up,” – Mae West

Do your ever listen to the news some days and spit out your coffee because you hear things that demonstrate a great lack of intelligence or common sense. I gotta admit honey, it happened to me this week, when I heard a woman say she was bored of talking on the phone and watching tv, and she wanted this pandemic to end, because she was bored! Now doesn’t that just take the cake? Yup, I had to mop up that spit out coffee. Sometimes, I yell at the radio. “PLEE-EEAA-ESE, bored? bored?” We are in the fight of our lives, our volunteers are burnt out, there is so much to do. How could anyone be bored? Get on that phone and find a way to help. Email a local charity to see if they need a hand. Knit some sweaters for some ducks. If yer gonna be on the phone smackin yer yack anyway, you might as well be helpin someone out.


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