Allison Fawcett Show Ring dedicated


Members of the Mountain Township Agricultural Society and friends joined for a formal dedication of the Allison Fawcett Show Ring at the South Mountain Fair Grounds on Friday, November 13. A large sign, identical to the one presented to Allison Fawcett, will hang on the new fence surrounding the show ring on the fairgrounds.

Cattle was his business but horses were his hobby. Mr. Fawcett bought his first team of Commercial horses in 1985, a Hackney Clydesdale cross. He earned Champion Team at the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto for two years. He showed his horses throughout the Ottawa Valley, Western Ontario, and Quebec. He continues to be considered one of the best sportsmen in the show world. Mr. Fawcett took great pride in his horses’ appearance, featuring harnesses crafted by Al Barrett, with his horses shod by Gordon Nesbitt, a local blacksmith.

Allison Fawcett has attended the South Mountain Fair for 91 consecutive years, and said he has enjoyed seeing the progress of the Fair over those years. He thanked everyone who worked hard to improve it.”It’s been great. There hasn’t been a fair I didn’t enjoy.”
The 128th South Mountain Fair is to be held August 19-22, 2021.


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