A mystery bird appears

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We are now well into the New Year and all the questions that it has already posed, in respect to some of our avian friends and who they might be. We have had a bird, about the same size as a Junco, come and visit on a couple of occasions who definitely is not one of them, and whose colors do not give it a clear clue as to what it is. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get a really clear well defined picture of it, and despite the help of a couple of more qualified local people than my own very amateurish self, I/we still do not know what it is. The beak suggests Grosbeak family, a Bunting or even a Finch, but between us it still remains a mystery. I am still awaiting its return to try and get more details from a decent picture, so my fingers are crossed, but not very hopeful! 

At one time, my research conversations began to get quite technical regarding the pigmentation of the feathers and all the other scientific factors and theories that could contribute to this odd bird. It is a bit above my head, so I won’t take up your time on the matter, but just thought that I would mention it in passing! You have probably had the same sort of quandary, when spotting birds at your feeders too. Hopefully you have, or will, find the answers by just referring to your own bird books or even the dreaded internet! Which ever one it is, I hope that you enjoy what you discover. Stay safe and well.

John Baldwin



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