One birds topsy-turvy spring

Baldwin’s Birds


Once again the weather does a flip-flop and everything has to rethink as to what it is doing and how it is going to cope with it! We haven’t got to the first day of Spring yet and some of the hibernating animals, such as the Chipmunks, have already popped out to have a look around. This, of course, doesn’t over impress the resident non-hibernating members of our garden crew, the squirrels, who don’t really want any more competitors to their food supplies! On the other hand, the birds just carry on as normal, warily, competing within their kindred flock members and a few others, for their turn in the “pecking order”. Hopefully, the budding Crocuses, forcing their way upwards through the Niger Seed husks at the front of the house, along with other budding plants and trees, will soon provide them with more of their  natural foods. Until the appearance of such a food supply is more established, we’ll have to continue our support for them all until we ourselves are certain that they can survive independently without our support.

One of our resident birds in our topsy-turvy weather, is the beautiful little “Upside-down Bird” a White- breasted Nuthatch, but even it has its moments of uncertainty, as can be seen in the picture of it being the “right way up!” What a lovely treat, as it shows off its other side! Maybe you too have had the good fortune of seeing one in your “neck of the woods”. Stay safe and well.


John Baldwin



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