By John Baldwin

With the quick change from a deep freeze to a lot more welcome and warmer snowy time, the coating of snow on the trees and shrubs seems to be a little off-putting to some of our feathered friends! Their natural food not being evident means that they have to turn to us for a bit more support. The Gold Finches certainly seem to think so, and are busy on our Nyjer seed feeder all day long.

Our ground feeding Juncos continue to visit, a lovely sight with their dark grey back feathers and their distinctive brilliant white bellies and yellow beaks. The Robin that I mentioned in one of my articles doesn’t seem to be in the garden anymore, but quite a number of you have seen other ones in their own Kemptville neighborhoods, so they are still around to be seen.

I heard a Nuthatch today, but haven’t seen too much of the Woodpeckers over the last few days, or the Mourning Doves and Bluejays – maybe someone else has got tastier treats than I do! It’s probably only a temporary lull in their feeding habits and we’ll see them back again soon. The same goes for the squirrels too, but, then again, they are not quite so welcome as the birds! Still, live and let live.

I hope that you are getting to see your fair share of our garden birds. Enjoy and stay safe and well.


John Baldwin.


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